Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha – Kissimmee, FL 34746

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha comes from an interesting background: Born and raised in Saudi Arabia (till age 15), he obtained a strong teaching in various Islamic Studies ranging from Quran, Fiqah, to Islamic History.

After that he migrated with family to the United States, during of which he continued to take the ILM on the hands of few scholars; among the scholars that he studied under are:

Dr. Shiekh Mohamad Nuh Alqudah, The Former Religious Minister of Jordan, and the Former Minister of Youth Services of Jordan, and the son of the late Grand Mufti of Jordan Sheiekh Nuh Al Qudah.

Upon enrolling in College, he was a business major, with minor in political science, Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha began taking course in Islamic studies. After the loss of his younger brother, he went on to become active religious clergy work. Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha held a position as an Imam in Chicago and later became an Imam in Kissimmee, Florida. Thereafter, he co-founded the American Muslim Leadership Council (AML COUNCIL).

Sh. Zakaria Gasmallah who studied in Imam Muhammad Ibn Saudi University in Al Madina Al-Munawara, who continues to be his mentor, and had the honor of learning from Sh. Ibrahim Madani, from Daru-uloom Al Madania.

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha also volunteers as a clergyman (chaplain) at Florida Celebration Hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center, and Florida Children’s Hospital.

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