Paul Kwan – Former CIO, Maybank Kim Eng – Hong Kong

Paul Kwan is an exceptionally talented IT professional and he is known for his tremendous analytical skills. His ability to develop the new plans and implement new ideas is unmatched and incomparable.

Paul Kwan is currently serving as the CEO and founder at Sunideas since September 2017. Through his unmatched abilities, he has started his own IT firm.

Paul Kwan grew up in an ordinary grassroots big family in Hong Kong. After high school, an opportunity changed his life completely – he immigrated to the lovely country of Canada.

After spending a year in Winnipeg, Paul Kwan went to Kingston, Ontario to attend Queen’s University studying Computer Engineering.

Paul Kwan Singapore is known for his startup initiatives and the aforementioned startup firm is focused on information technology.

In 2003, Paul Kwan Singapore partnered with Millennium Partners and remained linked to them for more or less 12 years. He worked as a head of technical support for almost 6 years and Chief information officer of Asia for another 6 years owing to his beyond description abilities.

Paul Kwan (Maybank) is a celebrated professional and he stepped into the professional world back in 1990 as the first Unix System Administrator at the Toronto stock exchange.

Paul Kwan is also known for his services as an Executive Director, enterprise technology at Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong. He has exceptional interpersonal skills along with management abilities.

When Paul Kwan transferred to Networking, the world was just waking up to Open Networking and the Internet.

Paul Kwan always felt that he was lucky to start IT career in the right place and the right time.

Paul Kwan was the first Unix System Administrator at the Toronto Stock Exchange when UNIX was just starting to gain popularity in Wall Street.

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