Susan Burtoft – Bowling Green, KY 42104

Susan Burtoft is a real estate professional. She is organized and likes to work with attention to detail to deal properties in a right manner. She has been serving in the field for years now and knows how to choose the right properties.

Susan Burtoft grew up in Bowling Green. Her dad used to serve in the U.S. Army and she travelled with her family for years. Her daughter attends Western Kentucky University School of Nursing.

Susan Burtoft serves any home seller or home buyer; 1st-time buyer, retired, luxury property. She gives reliable service to both parties and satisfies them effectively.

Susan Burtoft pays close attention to all the details and properties. She understands the local housing market and stays up to date with recent changes or new properties in the city. She invests her time and energy to help her clients and give successful results.

On the personal front, Susan Burtoft grew up in Bowling Green and travelled with family while her dad served in the U.S. Army. She has a daughter attending Western Kentucky University School of Nursing.

Susan Burtoft loves fishing, boating, beach vacations, and nature. She likes to spend time with her family. She gives proper attention to both personal and professional life.

She knows how to showcase a property to make it more attractive and sell it effectively. She always gives proper services to the buyer and the seller.

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