Todd Walker – Tampa, FL 33609

Todd Walker started his career in 1987 by working as a tax consultant at Arthur Anderson and Company in Tampa, Florida. While most people like to stick to one field, Todd Walker is one such professional who ventured into multiple fields. An attorney by profession, Todd Walker formed multiple companies as well.

Todd Walker is a Florida based attorney and businessman. Outside his legal practice, Todd Walker has been involved in numerous business and entrepreneurial endeavours. Todd Walker Tampa has worked for multiple companies in the past and he has a successful record of working as a tax consultant. Todd Walker Tampa also founded Southern Import Distributors, Inc. which is a Southeastern US wholesale food company.

Todd Walker
Todd Walker – President & CEO, Luna Mobile, Inc.

Todd Walker Tampa also formed LUNA Mobile in 2014 to develop a line of high-quality affordable smartphones. Moreover, Todd has extensive relationships in Taiwan and China. He has travelled to Asia extensively over the past 10 years and visited 150 manufacturers as well.

Todd Walker Tampa also formed Millennium Licensing Corporation as well. Todd also entered the technology field and founded Firefly Technologies, Inc. The company purchased the worldwide patents for an electroluminescent backlit keyboard technology. In 2005, Todd Walker founded Imagine Computer, LLC, followed by Imagine Products International, LLC in 2007. Recently, these two companies have been combined into Imagine International Corporation, a consumer electronics OEM and distributor of a number of consumer electronic products.

Todd Walker has been a member of Florida Bar since 1986. He graduated from Tulane University in 1981 and he received his Masters of Business Administration degree in 1985 from Tulane Graduate Business School. Todd also received Juris Doctorate degree in 1985 from Tulane Law School.

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